When it comes to tea, India is the home to the world’s finest tea plantations. Different regions are endowed with superior brand of tea leaves.


Aagta Traders is a premium quality integrated tea packer company in Anand (Gujarat). At Aagta, we are more than our products. We are people who source, blend and test tea to ensure a variety of superior quality tea. We pack tea with utmost care so as to retain its smooth taste, refreshing flavour. The stress on quality is so much that quality is never sacrificed for quantity.


You are probably wondering, what’s so different about Aagta traders? Great question - one which we always face especially from customers who were burned by other tea companies. The sad truth of the matter is that today practically any one can start a tea company with just a few Rupees in investment. Aagta Traders is not one of those companies. We started this business because we wanted to use our family expertise in the tea industry to serve the customer's needs. Here are a few things "special" about us:


  • Aagta Traders carries a wide range of teas from Darjeeling tea to Assam tea

  • Aagta Traders packages many teas sold in our brand name such as the famous Viceroy Tea, and the Teen Ekka Tea

  • Aagta Traders is trust worthy - Established in 1983, and still going strong - Which means that you can purchase from Aagta Traders with confidence

  • Reasonable Prices: Look around and you will find that our prices are very reasonable compared to other vendors selling such high quality tea. Our promise, if you find the same quality tea elsewhere for less, let me know, for I won't loose a customer on price! Aagta Traders also has a money back guarantee - if you don't like the tea, we will refund your money back, no questions asked




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